About Us

Welcome to Thai Basil

Good Thai cuisine usually emphasises fresh food that is presented in a beautiful manner and is always made to be shared. The appeal of Thai food is in the freshness of the ingredients which is a result of speedy preparation.

If you have ever tasted our Thai food you will know that it is such a joy to the senses. The combination of refreshing aromas such as lemon-grass and kaffir lime (a special lime used in Southeast Asian cuisine) mixes with the pungent flavor of red chili pepper. Another memorable combination of flavors is the creamy coconut milk mixed with fresh Thai basil.

Here at Thai Basil in Livonia,MI we like to blend in Northern Thai cooking practices such as the use of fresh ginger, tamarind (a fruit of an African evergreen tree that is used all over Southeast Asian to give food a sweet, tarty flavor), and also turmeric for flavoring.

Our unique menus have been assembled to embody the essence of real Thai cuisine and to maintain a healthy blend of Northern Thai cooking tradition and to show off the unique presentation style of our meals.